Full Course: Web Development with Python

Web Development with Python:- The backend of a website can be written in many different programming languages. It is becoming increasingly common to use Python for the backend of a website.

We just published a full backend web development with Python course on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel.

This comprehensive course is for absolute beginners and it will teach you backend web development with Python. You will learn the basics of Python and Django, and create a few projects along the way.

Tomi Tokko created this course. Tomi has created many popular courses both on his own channel and the freeCodeCamp channel.

Here is a full list of what is covered in this course:

  • Introduction To Python
  • Installation Of Python
  • Hello World In Python
  • Variables In Python
  • Strings In Python
  • Numbers In Python
  • Getting A User’s Input
  • Word Replacement Exercise
  • List In Python
  • List Methods
  • Tuples In Python
  • Functions In Python
  • The Return Keyword  
  • IF Statements In Python
  • Building An Even Number Checker Program
  • Dictionaries In Python
  • While Loops In Python
  • For Loops In Python
  • 2D Lists
  • Comments In Python
  • Building A Basic Calculator
  • Try Except In Python
  • Reading Files
  • Writing Files
  • Classes and Objects In Python
  • Inheritance In Python
  • The Python Shell
  • Building A Simple Login and SignUp System
  • Modules and PIP In Python
  • Introduction To Django
  • Installation Of Django
  • Url Routing And Django Apps
  • Django Template Language
  • Sending Data To Template File
  • Building A Word Counter In Django
  • Get vs Post In Django
  • Static Files In Django
  • Introduction To Django Models
  • Django Admin Panel & Manipulation Of Database
  • User Registration In Django
  • User Login And Logout In Django
  • Dynamic Url Routing In Django
  • Postgresql Setup
  • Building A Blog With Django – Part 1
  • Building A Blog With Django – Part 2
  • Building A Weather App With Django – Part 1
  • Building A Weather App With Django – Part 2
  • Building A Realtime Chat Application With Django – Part 1
  • Building A Realtime Chat Application With Django – Part 2
  • Django Rest Framework Crash Course

Watch the full course below or on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel (10-hour watch).